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Caterina Angeloni

2D spezialist 

I am a Video & Graphic Designer and I’m working in the Industry since 2010.I work for projects ranging from Film, TV and Web Productions to Motion and Graphic Design.

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Daigo Gaman


I am specialized in Editing and Color Grading. Coming a long way from professional photography to graphic/web design to film. i finally ended up at being a professional Colorist. 


Mike Woloszyn

Renowned sound designer and founder of  Rummelsburg Studios

Is a sound design specialist and post production supervisor with 20 years of professional experience. After building up a successful production company with his partners at senproductions for the last 10 years, he now takes the next step and founds his own postproduction company


Berlin, Deutschland

Tel: +49 176 61117940

Video Editing
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